Corporate Consultative Services

Demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR) is growing. From purchases to choosing companies to work with, individuals are basing decisions on the values and actions of businesses. As we emerge from the pandemic, employee engagement and well-being is imperative.

Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) is an opportunity for employers to support their employees and to contribute to community. Defined as “any activity undertaken by an employer to encourage and support the volunteering of their employees in the community” – Volunteer Canada, ESV is a key aspect of corporate social responsibility, and at PIN, we believe it is “good for employees, good for community, and good for business”. 

As we enter back into the workforce and workspaces, businesses are key drivers to build back better through employee wellness, community support and engagement. PIN can provide vital expertise on volunteerism and assist your business to establish and grow corporate volunteer engagement strategy. Research indicates employees and consumers are seeking companies who understand, support, and invest in corporate social responsibility and volunteering. To assist with implementing such strategies, PIN would be happy to connect with your team about ESV.

What could that look like?

  • Research, recommend and review your current ESV practices
  • Develop policy and programs to support Employer Supported Volunteerism
  • Provide tools, training, strategies and stakeholder engagement
  • Coordinate participation in the Young Professionals On Board Program
  • Organize corporate volunteer group experiences

With appreciation to Ontario Trillium Foundation Resilient Communities Fund. With this support, PIN has enhanced opportunities through our Volunteer Engagement Services. 

Thank you Ontario Trillium Foundation



Posted on July 23, 2021