Claire, John, Ian and Christina feel the value of volunteering

The Alexanders

Claire, John and their children, Ian and Christina, are a family with a strong history of community involvement.  Claire sits on the Board of Directors for the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington and each family member has personal experience volunteering in the community. For example, Ian is a soccer coach and Christina is an active member of her school’s Social Justice Club. Even with these commitments, when the opportunity arose last fall to volunteer together, this family happily obliged.

The family spent a weekend raking leaves from the yard of an individual with mobility limitations. Although the task took more time than originally thought, its completion felt like a huge accomplishment, especially after seeing the appreciation from the person that was helped. But by no means is this the only activity that they have done. The Alexander family has also participated in the Puslinch Santa Clause Parade with the parents on the organizing committee and the children acting as Santa’s elves during the event. 

Claire says that what she likes most about volunteering as a family is: “I like that we set a good example for the kids and they get to see the value and reward of volunteering for themselves. Now I’m starting to see the kids volunteer on their own and that feels really good.”

Claire, John, Ian and Christina, it’s families like yours that make a huge difference in our community! Thank you for sharing your time as a family with others. It’s greatly appreciated.  

Photography by Seth Partridge

Posted on September 22, 2016