Betty gives her time because she loves learning


Betty Jordan says she loves everything about books. She says books contain a certain magic, from the way they look, to the way they feel and the stories they tell. So it comes as no surprise that Betty volunteers her time in the St. Joseph’s Health Centre Library.

“I think it’s great for the residents to have the opportunity to learn and share,” she says.

Betty says she gives her time because she is passionate about learning new things and wants to set an example for what her future could look like.

“I’ve learned so much about St. Joseph’s and the people, their needs, their abilities,” she says. “It shows me that if I ever end up in a home I hope volunteers provide me with things I proved residents there now.”

But Betty’s volunteering extends beyond the Senior’s home. You can also find her every Thursday at the Volunteer Centre of Guelph-Wellington helping people of all different ages find volunteer opportunities that are right for them. She says her volunteering has made her a better, more confident person.

“I’ve learned to be a lot braver with people, especially when talking on the phone,” says Betty.

With two different volunteer positions on the go, and one of them helping connect volunteers together, Betty knows better than anyone the value of volunteering.

“Volunteering makes the community better. It fills opportunities that wouldn’t be there otherwise,” she says. “I like that people come into the Volunteer Centre with a passion and I can help them find what is available based on their interests.”

Posted on December 30, 2015