Are you a leader of volunteers?

Are you a leader of volunteers?

Responsible for the recruitment, screening, matching and recognition of volunteers?

Yes, you are a leader!

Volunteers are a vital resource; they build, develop, mobilize. They fund-raise, coach and mentor. Volunteers are a core component of the community benefit sector.

Volunteers coach your child’s sports team, provide one to one support to build reading skills in children, youth and adults. Volunteers drive you to your medical appointment, your treatment and they are a friendly face when you arrive at the hospital. They lead with their involvement on boards and committees, they bring the gift of music to your grandparents in Long Term Care and support persons living with disability to engage in gross motor activities and learn customer service practices. These vital resources and more; one does not have to look far to see the active results of volunteerism.

To support the vital work of volunteers are leaders. Leaders that have the education, expertise and vision are essential to successful volunteer engagement in organizations.

From a solid foundation and framework of roles, policy and strategy to the human resource skills of welcoming, on-boarding and supporting volunteers through their experience represents some of the expertise of leaders of volunteers.  

Fulsome engagement of volunteers does not happen by chance. Involving volunteers in the mission and vision of nonprofits and charities requires thought, good practice and ongoing leadership. The voluntary sector has changed, and the landscape looks different in many ways; from what volunteers are seeking to their availability and length of service.

Now, more than ever, leadership is a fundamental, central core to the community benefit sector; leaders of volunteers need to advocate, be adaptive and collaborate. The need for high level practices that are evolving and innovative are imperative.

This can be a daunting task, but leaders are not alone. Join the Volunteer Managers Network now at a prorated fee for the remainder of 2019-2020 season.

Who We Are: The Volunteer Manager’s Network is a volunteer engagement community of practice who meet monthly to learn, network and collaborate.

Vision: Communities thrive when excellence in administration of volunteer resources is achieved.

Mission: Volunteer Managers work together to create strong and valuable volunteer programs.

Elevate your professional development, your volunteer engagement skills and build on your leadership.

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Posted on January 23, 2020