Angiolina believes volunteerism contributes to a healthy society


Volunteering is an opportunity to give back. Indeed, by supporting each other through acts of volunteerism we can all actively contribute to a healthy society.

Much of my volunteer work is done through my church. Serving on a committee that’s sponsoring a family in refuge, helping organize Christmas drives, actively participating on internal church committees that contribute to the overall health of parish life – each of these volunteer activities keeps me busy in my roles as a parishioner. I have also previously volunteered with Victim Services, as a softball coach and Girl Guide leader, and with the Distress Centre.

Scotiabank does a great job encouraging and facilitating employee volunteerism. For example, Scotiabank’s Match Program allows staff involved in fundraising activities in the community to apply to have raised funds matched by the bank. It encoruages staff to apply for $1,000 annually in support of organizations they support. And it makes $1,000 avaialble to each branch in Canada for local minor hockey teams. These are significant gestures of encouragement and support.

Mother Teresa has noted that as individuals we can do no great things, but rather small things with great love. I live by these words and encourage others to do the same.

– Angiolina Gazzola, Scotiabank

Photo and story courtesy of Chris Tiessen

Posted on February 15, 2017