Alison discovered a real gem!

Alison discovered one of the best things about Guelph!

Ignatius Jesuit Centre, where nature gives strength to mind, body and soul, is dedicated to providing programs that foster an ecological way of life, nurture a deeper spirituality, promotes the production of sustainable food and more including a community garden. Alison Dunkley learned about the garden and was inspired to get her hands dirty and dig in. Through the community garden, Alison discovered ‘one of the best things about Guelph’.


“Alison has been gardening and volunteering over the past 3 years at Ignatius Farm” says Tash Reesor, Farm Educator at Ignatius “and conducts weed surveys once weekly to ensure no weeds are going to seed in the community garden fields.” In addition to this weekly support, Alison has shared her home-grown spirit by volunteering to assist with events such as harvesting garlic and Open Farm Days.


Tash, and fellow Farm Educator Amy Bumbacco appreciate Alison’s positive, helpful spirit and Alison loves the community aspect of her volunteer experience. “Ignatius is a real gem” shares Alison, “it is beautiful up there and a great group of people; I love the new friendships, the advice, and seed and planting swapping”.


Alison loves gardening and believes giving back to our environment is important. “It is good to be able to give back and to teach people about the environment” says Alison, “School groups, outdoor preschool are learning about its importance.”


Giving back is as organic to Alison as it is to the farming at Ignatius “Alison has a beautiful garden plot at Ignatius Farm where you can find her giving tours of her garden, swapping seeds with other gardeners or sharing her harvest” says Tash. “I love sharing my produce with others” shares Alison “it makes it so much more fun! This year I was able to take two big bags of assorted squash and cucumbers, as well as a really big basket of cherry tomatoes, to the North End Harvest Market, a non-profit organization where those who need a helping hand can go to “shop” for fresh fruits and vegetables, at no cost.”


The community benefits from Alison’s giving nature in many ways “she also brings treats to the farm team including popsicles on hot days, cookies, sun dried tomatoes and fresh salsa made with tomatoes from her garden” says Tash, “thank you Alison for putting the community in community gardens, helping keep down the weed pressure in the fields and for making the teams day with your treats!”


Alison has found a volunteer experience that grows in her heart and in her team community “I love the community, the networking, getting to know each other and helping. It is a lot of fun.” shares Alison.

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Posted on November 1, 2018