3 Things For Canada!

In celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, Canadians are invited to show their spirit by choosing 3 acts of service!

If every Canadian chose to do 3 things for their community; imagine the profound effect! From helping neighbours to hosting a street party, leaving a random act of kindness to donating goods, there are a multitude of opportunities both big and small to make a positive impact on your community.

To learn more about this national challenge, visit www.threethingsforcanada.ca

In Guelph, Mayor Cam Guthrie has challenged residents to pledge 3 acts of service and to celebrate the spirit of the community. On June 30, the community gathered for a Flag Raising event including family friendly activities, sweet treats and opportunities to pledge 3 acts of service.

Interested in #3ThingsForCanada but need ideas? We can help! Our Volunteer Database is full of opportunities to give back to your community; big, small, there are opportunities for all!

Posted on July 2, 2017